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Funny Things
Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2003
Diablo 2
Rainbow 6
Rainbow 6

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M1 M2 M3 Name (Hacks) Author Date Added
vertigo's clac aa -new- F4: aa (autoaim), F5: se (show enemies) aka full hbs, F6: ghost mode, move around map without anyone seeing you except where you pressed f6 at, press f6 again to return to that spot. F7: perfect ret, got this working once, but most of the time it just
crashes you.
vertigo 6-03-03
TwizteD 1.0 Auto Aim,Show Enemies, No Reload TwizteD h4x  
Acid Skins some skins.. ACID  
D2Gtray Portal Cheater your opponent can scan you all he wants and never find out your using it. ;0) Z()|\|E (|-|E/-\"|"E]2  
long beards srail mod Dunno.. some kind of mod Long beards  
Loud R6 Makes r6 loud.. N/A  
Medica Dunoo.. some medic stuff... N/A  
R6 Wallhack Some Wallhack for r6 N/A  
Vertigo R6 Some multiHack - aimbot/wh.. blah blah